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This is a website created to honor an American artist now living in an assisted living facility in Cincinatti far from her church friends and her artistic collaborators. Moving to Cincinnati was a decision made by her family and we are doing our best to keep friendship alive from faraway. This is for and about Jimilu Mason who is now communicating using her cell phone and also Facebook Messenger. "Messenger" is a profound new way for us to communicate. The New York Times reported on 7/9/2016 that

  1. 1.65 billion people are on Facebook making it the best live, self-updating address book in the world;
  2. in early 2014 Messenger had 200 million monthly users and it now has 900 million regular monthly users; and
  3. roughly half of all American smartphone owners use Messenger.

And here's wonderful news about what might be the best social media device from Lynette Brown. Lynette is a woman of strong faith (Lutheran), strong sense of community-friendship and artistic talent who lives in Sunrise, Florida. She taught Carl the wonders of the modern Amazon Fire Kindle. She somehow lost hers in Church and in conversation that stemmed from that Carl bought one and is learning slowly of its usefulness. It appears it can provide free communication between people who are friends on Facebook by using the "Facebook app". This makes communication even easier than a cell phone and completely free assuming one has a computer, or cell phone, or Kindle to serve as the electronic "device". Lynette & now Carl would rather communicate by "Messenger" than by cell phone when chatting or having visual conference with someone who has bothered to install the "Facebook Messenger App" and learn to use it. And it is very easy to use and it's various models cost $50-$200 or so from

We'd love to encourage more people to communicate with Jimilu via Facebook Messenger using Jimilu's Facebook page. With some coaching she could use, Jimilu's longstanding Facebook page where she has 301 friends. We who are creating this page believe that one of the most wonderful things a new friend could do is make sure her cell phone is using Facebook Messenger correctly and teach Jimilu to use it effectively.

This website can be ground zero for this little experiment and it can be an easy way for new friends to catch up on Jimilu. Of course, Jimilu's website and her longstanding Facebook page will not be effected by this. This is simply to try a new way to communicate by voice & video FREE AND WITH GREAT EASE.

If you have a chance to visit Jimilu in person or write her a letter or postcard, here's her address:

Jimilu Mason
The Courtyard At Seasons
7100 Dearwester Dr.
Room 203
Cincinnati, OH 45236-6103

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